Altibox and TV 2 agree on a new agreement

550,000 TV customers get the TV 2 channels back.

- We are pleased that we have managed to reach a long-term agreement that both safeguards the customers' freedom of choice and ensures them access to an attractive news and entertainment offer, says managing director Tor Morten Osmundsen at Altibox.

The long-term agreement between Altibox and TV 2 is just in place, and TV 2's content will be available to customers by 3pm today.

- Now we look forward to finally releasing all our content to Altibox's TV customers, who have been without TV 2 for a long time. To all those viewers, I apologize. The new agreement is future-oriented and will help to secure the basis for a continued broad offer of Norwegian entertainment, drama, sport and not least news journalism, says editor-in-chief and managing director of TV 2, Olav T. Sandnes.

Customers with televisions from Altibox have not had access to content from TV 2 since 1 April. During this period, customers have been compensated with a NOK discount or extra points for being able to choose alternative content.

- We know that many think it took far too long to reach a new agreement and we are sorry that this affected the customers. As an extra plaster on the wound for the long period of black screens, everyone will get to keep the 50 extra points for the rest of the year, says Tor Morten Osmundsen.

The new agreement between Altibox and TV 2 ensures that the freedom of choice of TV customers is preserved. TV 2's largest channels TV 2 Direkte, TV 2 Nyheter and TV 2 Zebra will be part of the fixed content as before, while TV 2's remaining content will be able to be selected and included in the TV package as desired and needed.

TV 2 Play basis will also eventually become available as part of Altibox's optional entertainment universe.

- We are concerned that viewers should have easy access to our content, regardless of whether they are streaming or watching linear TV. Many young viewers use streaming services more than linear TV, and on TV 2 Play they get both entertainment, sports and news. The agreement with Altibox therefore supports our mission as a public broadcaster in a new era, says Olav T. Sandnes.

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