Eight out of ten say they have a better life with MOT

During 2023, KSIndeks and the Norwegian Customer Barometer surveyed which companies in Norway have the best customer service. Thousands of people have answered questions about the company they are customers of. The results are clear and Altibox is at the top in several categories.

Studies show that schools with MOT on the agenda have had a major positive effect. In addition, as many as eight out of ten young people say that it has contributed to a better life. Now we want to work together to spread MOT for digital inclusion!

Altibox and MOT have entered into a long-term partnership to reduce cyberbullying and exclusion online, so that even more young people can have a good digital life.

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Midt-Telemark Breiband sponsors Breiset og Omegn Løypelag

As a proud supporter of the local community, we at Midt-Telemark Breiband are always on the lookout for opportunities to strengthen and promote what makes our area unique. This autumn, all local sports teams, organizations and cultural activities in Midt-Telemark and Nome municipality could therefore apply for sponsorship funds of up to NOK 10,000 through the Midt-Telemark Breiband Sponsor initiative. The response was overwhelming, and among the worthy winners is Breiset & Omegn Løypelag.

Ingerid (90) is the customer we've been waiting for!

We had the pleasure of visiting Ingerid, a special customer at Midt-Telemark Breiband. You might be wondering what makes her so special? Well, Ingerid is our customer number 5000, and that's a big milestone for us. To celebrate the occasion, we brought flowers and a taste of Christmas to her home.