We are once again voted best in customer service!

Altibox customers are the most satisfied of all TV and internet users in Norway. Both the Norwegian Customer Barometer and KSIndeks have once again confirmed this. Thousands of people have answered questions about the company they are customers of. The results are in and Altibox is at the top in several categories.

Best in several categories

Earlier this year, we were able to announce that the Norwegian Customer Barometer once again confirmed that Altibox is best at customer service. Now we have received answers from yet another customer satisfaction survey conducted by KSindeks that says the same.

Thousands of people have shared their experiences, and the results of the Norwegian Customer Barometer show that customers with Altibox Fiber Broadband are the most satisfied customers in the broadband and TV distribution categories! The KSIndeks results show that Altibox customers are most satisfied with customer service in the broadband and TV and streaming services categories.

We're here for you

We are very grateful for the trust you show us, and this result from KSIndeks motivates us to make you even more satisfied in the future. We will continue to be locally present with customer service, installers and project managers. We also show our local presence by being an active sponsor of culture and sports in our local community. As a major contributor in Notodden, we want to create an active environment for children and young people by sharing some of our profits with the local community.

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