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In housing associations, it is the board that decides whether Midt - Telemark Breiband can be delivered to you as a resident. Contact the board of your housing association / condominium if you want Altibox services. If you are so lucky that the housing association / condominium already has an agreement with us, you can upgrade to more services or more content. As a resident of a housing association or condominium, you are offered the same services as other housing associations and condominiums that have services from us.

Depending on which joint agreement your housing association / co-ownership has chosen, you can upgrade your subscription yourself with more TV and streaming services or higher internet speed. If you have an Altibox TV basic package from us, you have fixed channels, as well as points that you can use for optional content. Your housing association / condominium can choose from four different packages in a joint agreement:

How to get an Altibox package for your housing company

Residents are increasingly demanding freedom of choice, which is why Altibox has launched the agreement form Fiber access. Fiber access provides low common costs, and each individual household decides its own need for TV, broadband and landline. All residents are given the freedom to decide for themselves their products and services at favorable prices.

Yes please, give me a collective offer

Question answer

As a rule, we cover all costs for the construction of the fiber network and installation of equipment in the homes, in exchange for a predictable agreement period with the housing association / condominium.

The monthly subscription price varies somewhat and is calculated based on the costs we receive by delivering. The number of housing units, type of housing and location are factors that affect the price. Register your interest in getting a price offer for your housing association / condominium.

You start by registering an interest or making direct contact. Within a few weeks, you will receive an offer that can be presented to the rest of the board, where you decide on the agreement or take it to the annual meeting for voting.

Once the agreement is in place, you must remember to terminate the current supplier, which probably has a three-month notice period. We agree on a date for starting the invoice, so that you avoid being charged twice.

Yes, we offer each housing unit its own 1000/1000 Mbps at a competitive price.

Yes, unless you already have fiber optic infrastructure (single-mode fiber) that goes all the way to each residential unit. In that case, we will reveal it at the inspection.

Sometimes we have to remove the old copper cable to make room for the fiber cable. Therefore, we activate TV / internet at the same time as we install in the homes, so that we avoid residents sitting without signals.

No, our new TV decoder works both wired and wireless (Wifi), see

You can also use the Altibox app on eg an Apple TV:

Homeowners only need to give us approx. 30 minutes access to the home, where our fitter pulls in the fiber cable and wall mounts a home exchange, and then sets up the TV decoder that is included in the agreement.

Password for the integrated WiFi is sent by SMS to the homeowner. From the home exchange, we pull a network cable (Cat6) to the TV, set up the TV decoder and check that everything works.

If necessary, our fitter will give the homeowner a short training. If the homeowner needs help to set up extra Wifi points or TV decoders, this is agreed directly between the installer and the homeowner.

The building owner, ie the housing association / condominium, owns the fiber cables that are inside the building. If you are not within the lock-in period, any supplier should be able to take over the right to use this infrastructure.

Normally, an agreement is valid for five years. After five years, it is often desirable to renew some of the equipment / boxes and products, and then we meet to renew the contract period. Upgrades and additional products that residents buy have no lock-in period.

Everyone gets the same basic agreement, which contains several packages that each homeowner chooses between. Everyone who chooses a package of TV service will get some regular fixed channels that we are obliged to provide. In addition to these channels, each homeowner can put together their own TV package.

Once a month. Right now, the customer must contact our customer center to have the change made. Before installation, we contact each unit / section owner to clarify which package is best suited.

In addition to the fixed channels, we offer around 70 optional channels and 10 channel packages / streaming services. New content is constantly appearing with us, check here: .

Residents log in to My pages to select their content and have the opportunity to buy extra points. It only takes a few minutes from the channel is selected until it is ready for use on the TV and in the app.

Yes, this is because we must be able to recoup our costs before the contract expires. If you often experience that homes are empty, or you are struggling to bring in common costs, we recommend a Fiber Access Agreement.

Technical support is available all day - every day! Both via chat, Facebook and phone. The world's best customer service?

We work hard to detect errors and correct them before the residents notice the error. If the error correction takes longer, we will notify the residents by SMS and post information here:

Anything else you're wondering about?🤔

For technical inquiries, it is an advantage if you are close by
the equipment in question, in case it turns out that there is a need for restart or troubleshooting.

Norway's most satisfied customers

The Altibox team is delighted to have won the award for best customer service in several categories.

We are once again voted best in customer service!

Altibox customers are the most satisfied of all TV and internet users in Norway. Both the Norwegian Customer Barometer and KSIndeks have once again confirmed this. Thousands of people have answered questions about the company they are customers of. The results are in and Altibox is at the top in several categories.

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