Midt-Telemark Breiband sponsors Breiset og Omegn Løypelag

We took a trip to one of the winners of Midt-Telemark Breiband Sponser Breiset & Omegn Løypelag. The mastermind behind the trail team, John Steinar Slaaen, met us on the treadmill to talk about what the sponsorship funds have been spent on.

Breiset & Omegn Løypelag makes a positive contribution to its local environment, stimulating activity and bringing joy to many. That's why they were one of the winners of this fall's Midt-Telemark Breiband Sponsor. Løypelag's efforts to maintain ski trails and facilitate outdoor activities are an invaluable resource for the 300 or so cabins in Breiset and Heia. Sales and Marketing Manager at Midt-Telemark Breiband Svein Haug was one of those who decided that Breiset og omegn løypelag were worthy winners of this fall's sponsorship funds.

- We wanted to spread the benefits across sports, culture and something that applies to everyone. We selected enthusiasts who put a lot of time and effort into making it work. That's why we chose Breiset & Omegn Løypelag," says Svein about why Breiset & Omegn Løypelag was chosen as the winner.

Sales and Marketing Manager Svein Haug gets a ride while John Steinar Slaaen from Breiset og omegn løypelag prepares the day's ski trails.

Worthy winner

Breiset & Omegn Løypelag is run 100% on volunteer work. We met John Steinar Slaaen, the brains behind the team. He started the trail team 25 years ago and says that he is happy for support schemes such as Midt-Telemark Breiband Sponser.

- Support schemes are important contributions for us. Without them, we might as well shut down. He goes on to say that the funds from the Midt-Telemark Sponser fund have been used for daily operations such as gasoline for the snow groomer.

When we met John Steinar, he had already been working for a few hours and was driving towards us on the snow groomer. His dedication and passion for giving back to the community is evident. Together with the rest of the trail team, he spends countless volunteer hours every year keeping Breiset and the surrounding area attractive.

Sales and Marketing Manager Svein Haug fulfilled his boyhood dream of driving a snow groomer.


Proud sponsor

For us, the Midt-Telemark Breiband initiative is about more than just giving money. It's about recognizing those who put in countless hours of their time and energy to make our community a better place. By awarding sponsorship funds to Breiset og omegn løypelag, we want to recognize and reward their invaluable contribution to the community. We are proud to support an organization like Breiset og omegn løypelag through the Midt-Telemark Breiband Sponsor initiative.

Are you a member of a sports team, organization or cultural activity in Midt-Telemark and Nome that stimulates activity and/or provides enjoyment? We are once again awarding NOK 10,000 to those who contribute to the community and make it good to live in the two municipalities.

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