Ingerid (90) is the customer we've been waiting for!

We had the pleasure of visiting Ingerid, a special customer at Midt-Telemark Breiband. You might be wondering what makes her so special? Well, Ingerid is our customer number 5000, and that's a big milestone for us. To celebrate the occasion, we brought flowers and a taste of Christmas to her home.

We knocked on her door and a cheerful Ingerid welcomed us in. As the snow fell outside, we quickly settled inside in the warmth. Ingerid made sure we didn't get thirsty or hungry by serving coffee and pastries. We stayed and chatted and even though Ingerid is over 90 years old, she has full control of fiber broadband and TV. She is truly an inspiration to us all!

Ingerid Solli and Sales and Marketing Manager at Midt-Telemark Breiband, Svein Haug

- Never had such a cheap internet and TV subscription

Ingerid previously had wireless broadband from a competing provider, but quickly realized that this was not the best solution for her. So she decided to switch to fiber broadband from Altibox. She explains, "This is the best solution, also considering that I may eventually sell the apartment. I think fiber broadband will help increase the value of the apartment." Ingerid is also honest about the fact that she got a very good offer from us. "I've never had such a cheap internet and TV subscription before," she says happily.

Svein made sure to answer any questions Ingerid had about her TV and streaming package

Age is just a number

We would like to thank Ingerid for choosing to become part of our large customer family. We look forward to continuing to provide her with the best service and fastest internet connections for years to come. Ingerid is true proof that age is just a number, and that you are never "too old" to master the digital world!

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