Altibox treats 'The Father' 🎞

Now anyone with Altibox TV can rent this "8.3 stars on IMDb" movie for free.
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Every month, Altibox treats a rental film, and sometimes more, to our TV subscribers.

Throughout February, you can at any time, and repeatedly if you want, take a trip to the movie kiosk on your Altibox TV, in the Altibox app or on online TV, and enjoy the Oscar winner 'The Father'.

'The Father', starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman, is the story of 81-year-old Anthony.

He lives alone in his apartment in London and rejects every home help that his daughter Anne imposes on him. Such help is becoming increasingly necessary for her to get in place, since she can no longer see him every day. She has decided to move to Paris to live with a man she has just met.

But if this is true, who is the stranger who suddenly wanders into Anthony's living room and claims to have been married to Anne for over ten years? And why is he so convinced that it is Anthony who is in the couple's apartment, and not the other way around?

To Anthony, it feels like he's going crazy, or at least someone is trying to trick him into thinking he's crazy. He remembers so clearly that the apartment is his own. Could it be that they are trying to swindle the apartment from him?

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