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We at Midt-Telemark broadband are involved, in collaboration with Altibox, in the important fight against the internet. Maria Abrahamsen is a psychologist, author and known to many through the Instagram account @psyktdeg. She says that many who have experienced harassment in games accept it as something they just have to live with - that it is simply part of gaming culture. This is not how you should think.
- That is not okay. Harassment is illegal and is about text, words, images and symbols that are used to make you feel hated, threatened or degraded. Many parents are concerned about their children's gaming behavior and the digital world they live in. That is understandable. It is, after all, a world that is difficult to get an overview of, and which is constantly developing.

Here is Maria's advice:


👉 Assume that your child is just as likely to be involved in online harassment as other children.

👉 Familiarize yourself with the games your children play. Read up online, ask your child to explain or show you, and - if you're really good at it - test it yourself.

👉 Set rules based on the knowledge you have acquired from the point above, in dialogue with the child.

👉 Show curiosity and understanding for the child's gaming interest, in the same way as you would if it were football or handball

👉 Talk to the child or young person, and create security to be able to talk to you about everything. Tell them about the various risks and help them form healthy attitudes towards it. If they nevertheless end up in a bad situation, it is important that they feel safe enough to tell about it.

👉 Become aware of your own screen habits, your own way of talking about others, your attitudes and demeanor when meeting others. Children copy their role models, and we as parents are one of them.

👉 Talk to the police if your child experiences something suspicious, frightening or illegal.

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