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Netthets - Tips for parents

We at Midt-Telemark broadband are involved, in collaboration with Altibox, in the important fight against the internet. Maria Abrahamsen is a psychologist, author and known to many through the Instagram account @psyktdeg. She says that many who have experienced harassment in games accept it as something they just have to live with - that it is simply part of gaming culture. This is not how you should think.

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"Today, our customers expect the network to 'just work', they should be able to expect that and we work hard every single day to fulfill just that. It gives an extra dimension that we deliver products to local customers who need our services. For example in health and preparedness. We take that responsibility very seriously."

"I don't watch TV"

We often hear from customers who we talk to about our TV package from Altibox, that they don't need a TV package because "I don't watch TV". But that they watch a lot on the screen!

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